The Route to Personal Success: RT2 for Health, Sports Training & Personal Fitness West Prince County PEI

March 14, 2024
The Route to Personal Success: RT2 for Health, Sports Training & Personal Fitness West Prince County PEI

If you’re searching for a personalized pathway to better Personal health and fitness this year, look no further than RT2 Success in Prince County, PEI. Our locally-owned gym and sports complex can truly be your route to success in achieving your wellness goals in 2024. 

Customized Personal Fitness West Prince County PEI Journeysfor All Ages & Abilities   

The foundation of RT2’spersonalized approach is our belief that each person we work with has unique strengths and areas for growth. We refuse to take a one-size-fits-all view, instead developing customized fitness training and nutritional advice tailored to your needs and aspirations. 

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete aiming to take your game to the next level or someone who hasn’t worked out in years looking to get back in shape, our certified trainers will meet your expectations. We’ll get to know your fitness background, health considerations, lifestyle factors, and long-term objectives, then map out a360-training plan to help you actualize your goals. 

This personalized methodology also applies to families getting active together. Parents can hit the weights while kids attend our popular Youth Athletic Development classes, learning foundational sports skills. Then, bring everyone together for family-friendly field days or special events at the gym promoting active living for all ages. 

Sports-Focused Training for True Competitors

While we serve casual gym-goers through customized fitness guidance, competitive athletes thrive through our programs - especially those in high-intensity sports like hockey, soccer, and basketball. We emphasize sports-specific training, combining traditional strength and cardio with drills directly into the field or ice. Explosive power, lateral quickness, elasticity and swift redirection skills take priority in our athletic training program in Prince County PEI. We also teach solid nutrition to fuel extreme athletic output properly. 

Other key aspects of our athlete development program include: 

• Injury reduction training to withstand hard physical play

• Focus on mental toughness & discipline needed in competition

• Simulate high-intensity game situations during training  

This complete methodology allows us to produce athletes ready to excel in their respective sports - not just adequate players! We equip serious competitors with the physicality, skills and mindset to stand out from the pack and achieve elite status in their sport of choice. 

State-of-the-Art Strength Training Equipment & Facilities Galore

RT2 leaves no stone unturned when outfitting our facility with the most modern fitness gear and sports provisions that athletes require. Our sprawling complex includes: 

•       Extensively-equipped weight room with top-of-the-line resistance machines, free weights, cables, kettlebells, battling ropes, plyo boxes and more

•       Dedicated cardio zone loaded with ellipticals, bikes, rowers, treadmills, Jacob’s ladders and the latest training tech  

•       Regulation-size turf field for sports practices and agility drills  

•       Ball hockey arena to develop puck skills

•       Multi-purpose gymnasium for hoops, volleyball and group fitness classes

•       Outdoor running track and open field space 

Athletes can undertake virtually any sport-specific training onsite with all these facility amenities without traveling elsewhere. Our setup allows entire teams to practice together at RT2 while accessing our coaching staff’s specialized sports instruction. 

Nutrition for Fitness & Wellbeing  

Exercise only takes you so far if you’re not fueling yourself properly for your goals. That’s why RT2provides sports nutrition advice to our trainees. A healthy nutritional diet helps in:    

•       Strength building & muscle recovery

•       Injury rehabilitation   

•       Pre- & post-workout fueling  

•       Hydration for athletics

•       Managing gear change  

•       Youth athlete nutrition

•       Special diets (gluten-free, vegan, etc.) 

Proper nutrition complements fitness plans by giving casual gym-goers and hardcore competitors exactly what they need to perform at their peak, shorten recovery times and get the most bang for their buck out of sweat sessions. 

The Benefits of Small Group Training small group training in Prince County PEI

While we accommodate both solo training and large teams, the bulk of workouts at RT2 take place ins mall groups of a couple of individuals. These tight-knit training groups reap immense advantages: 

Camaraderie &Accountability

Small groups breed internal motivation to work hard together towards shared objectives. You’ll lift each other, celebrate PRs, and hold one another accountable. 

Specialized Attention

With just a couple of trainees per session, our coaches can provide prompt feedback, ensure proper form, and encourage each person. You’ll never feel lost in a huge fitness class. 

Cost Efficiency

Sharing a trainer across a handful of clients splits costs, making personalized training affordable. Small group rates also apply to team practices. 


Together, a group can undertake a greater variety of drills - obstacle courses, relays, simulated games, etc. - which prevents boredom. 

The perks of training in a tight-knit group are clear. At RT2, we leverage the power of small group dynamics to lead clients to their fitness peaks in a social, focused setting.  

Birthday Bashes & Private Facility Rentals

Not only can you access outstanding daily fitness programming at RT2, but we also host awesome private special events after hours in our world-class sports complex! 

Remember your child’s next birthday by hosting their party bash at RT2. We offer party packages for free play in the Inflatables and Turf. 

Grown-ups enjoy private work functions and team-building events in our creative space. Rent out areas of our facility for: 

•       Corporate wellness off sites

•       Staff sport tournaments  

•       Holiday gatherings

•       Meetings and seminars 

With flexible facility usage and top-notch equipment, we eliminate the hassle of event planning. Just show up ready for an unforgettable time! 

Route to Success: Join RT2 for Health, Fitness &Performance Breakthroughs  

By now we hope you’re revved up about all the phenomenal amenities and programming RT2 Success offers right here in Prince County, PEI!

While big box gyms and mainstream fitness centers have their place, our locally owned facility gives you an intimate, tailored experience focused on real personal results. We go the extra mile, forging genuine relationships with clients to uncover what motivates them, what holds them back, and how we can work side-by-side to achieve breakthroughs.